With the coming holiday season, you want to buy a new racket to start 2019 on a good track? But you do not know how to choose the ideal racket? Sometimes this buying process can be easy because of the sensations you have with a brand, but at other times, it can be more complicated.

Here are the 10 factors to consider:

The weight

This can be one of the most important factors. The lighter the racket, the more the racket gives control. On the other hand, if the racket is heavier, you will lose control, but you will gain in power.

For a racket for women, the weight varies between 355 and 370 grams. For those of men, the weight varies in 370 and 385 grams.

However, it is important not to forget the number of overgrips you add, if you are using a racquet protector, because with these two additions, this can represent 20 extra grams.

The form

  • Diamond: This type of racket provides more power, and inevitably less control. With a balance placed at the lowest holes of the racket, it is intended for experienced players.
  • Water drop They are the perfect balance of power and control. His balance is just above the racket triangle. This type of racket is intended for intermediate players.
  • Round They are the essence of control. Its striking zone is in the center of the racket, and the balance is in the heart of the racket triangle. It is intended for beginners.

The definitions given are those used by many brands. However, it is because a racket is round for example, that the racket is necessarily for beginners players. This is meant because the round racket is supposed to be more accessible. But there are offensive round rackets for example, especially when the weight is header.

Racket core: EVA or FOAM

The core of the racket can be made of two types of rubber: EVA or FOAM. EVA rubber is hard, more durable, and provides a greater punching feel.

FOAM rubber is soft, less durable, but it provides excellent performance on your shots.

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Alexis Dutour

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