Ale Galan won during P2 in Genoa his tenth title on the Premier Padel. He is level with Arturo Coello at the top of the ranking of players who have lifted the most trophies on the official FIP circuit.

In 2022, during the first year of the circuit financed by Qatar Sports Investments, the Madrilenian won four of the eight tournaments of the inaugural season with his former teammate Juan LeBron.

Discreet during the first part of 2023, the Spaniards still won the P1 in Milan, the last tournament of the season, and continued their momentum at the start of 2024 in Riyadh.

Since the separation of the Galan / Lebron pair, Ale has lifted four trophies with Fede Chingotto: in Brussels, Seville, Rome and therefore Genoa.

With his 10 titles, Ale returns to the level of world number 1 Arturo Coello. Both men are one step ahead of Agustin Tapia (Coello won the 2022 Monterrez Major with Bela, before teaming up with Tapia, with whom he won 9 titles).

From now on, Galan is chasing first place in the FIP ranking, he who is only 921 points behind Arturo Coello!

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