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10 years of Bela at Head: Here is the Bela Graphene 360 + Bela X

What a gift from Head padel to the great champion Fernando Belasteguin. To thank him for these 10 faithful years spent alongside the Austrian brand, Head launches a pala with golden details and a great paletero for the 2020 season. Let's briefly discover this super pala.

Head Graphene 360 + Bela X. That's his name. A name that says a lot about his abilities. 10 years ago that Bela uses the Palas Head, palas that have evolved over time to offer today a very high-end product, lighter, more resistant and above all more effective on the track.

A new mold for this pala that adopts Graphene, another approach to carbon, called 360 +. This new pala by Head offers the Extreme Spin on its surface to give a little more effect to the ball. Bela playing on the right, the pala adapts to this new way of playing.

For the moment we do not have more details on this new Head, if it is not its color, very classy, ​​black with golden details.

New at Head, the paletero matched with this Graphene 360 + Bela X, the Head Tour Team Monstercombi, a hyper-complete paletero with its thermo compartment for the palas and its new structure, more rigid for a better durability.

For these 10 years at Head, here is the gift made to Bela, a beautiful souvenir video.

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