After a great success for the premier padel amateur tour created in France, Padel Infinity is leaving for a new amateur tour !! The Padel Infinity Tour 2016 is launched !! More clubs, more stages. From September 2015 to July 2016 ending with a big tournament, a Master (in July).

And the first stage will take place in Bordeaux, more precisely on the 2 pitches of the Bordeaux Lac SoccerPark.

Do not hesitate and come participate in a great tournament organized hand master. You can do up to two categories with the same partner or with a different partner.

Information and registration on

Find them also on facebook.

Clément Arico

Clément Arico is a great man of padel French. Founder of Padel Infinity, one of the largest French circuits in padel, he offers us his expertise on padel French.