We told you about it a little while ago, the World Padel Report, a document from the FIP and analyzing the different aspects of padel worldwide, provides us with very interesting data.

Today, we are interested in the age of the players of padel high level and we notice that it is easier to get by after a certain age on the women's circuit than on the men's circuit.

In fact, the over 33 group accounts for 21% in the top 200 women but only 7,5% in the top 200 men! This can be explained by several factors.

First, we can say that there is more competition among the men (the 200th player has 29 points, the 200th player 199…), which means that there is not too much room for players having started with another career (like Marta Marrero for example who was a tennis professional before launching into padel). Clearly, for men, you must have started padel very early to be part of the world top, but not necessarily among women.

Then, if in women le padel remains a game of patience, we see that this sport is becoming faster and faster among men, with players who are ever more explosive and agile, qualities which are much more present among young people. Moreover, we note that the group under 25 years old represents 54,5% among men compared to 44,5% among women.

So if the old ones are still doing well at a very very high level, with the Llaguno / Sainz final in Santiago as proof, we also see that the young people are starting to take power among the ladies. During this same Chilean tournament, Claudia Fernandez broke the record for youngest player to be crowned in a top tournament, and the Ustero / Alonso doublet reached a second semi-final in a row! We say to ourselves that the trend could soon change among ladies...

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