Romain Taupin, coach and economist at padel, discusses 3 differences between tennis and padel on the fly. As always on Padelonomics, we will look for the detail and the fans appreciate it.

They explain.

3 important differences between the tennis volley and that of padel (I'm not talking about effects here for simplicity):

1st freeze frame in the video – The Striking Platform

The tennis player will tend to hit the ball in front of him regardless of the ball – the “padelero” will hit his ball more to the side of his body (except when he wants to cross).

2nd freeze frame in the video – Orientation of the shoulders

Since the tennis player hits the ball in front of him, the orientation of his shoulders and the trajectory of his ball will not be the same (it allows less control)

The shoulder orientation of the “padelero” follows the trajectory of his ball (he will have more control).

3rd freeze frame in the video – Using the wrist

The tennis player will play with the wrist to direct his ball (example in the video when the tennis player wants to play uncrossed, he opens his wrist)

The "padelero” always has the same gesture, the wrist does not move and does not influence the direction of the ball. It is the striking platform and the orientation of the shoulders that determine the direction.

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Franck Binisti

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