3 French people in the FIP Top 100!

The FIP has updated its ranking and we notice that we have three French people in the Top 100 for men.

Indeed, in addition to Benjamin Tison, firmly anchored in the Top 70, and Jérémy Scatena, a member of the Top 100 for a while, Thomas Leygue joins his two compatriots.

Indeed, thanks to his success at FIP ​​Rise in Antalya with Ferran Insa, Aix climbs to 99th place in the FIP ranking!

To date, there are three French representatives in the FIP Top 100! Behind this trio we notice that other players are showing up, notably Max Moreau in 113th place and a total of eight French players in the Top 150.

Among the girls, there are currently still only two players in the Top 100, but they are doing better than any boy, Alix Collombon in 20th place, and Léa Godallier in 41st. Behind us we find several players quite close to the Top 100, with a total of seven French players in the Top 150.

Let's now wait for the next update of the ranking to see if the “Frenchies” manage to grab a few more places. And in view of the French presence in FIP Tour tournaments, it doesn't seem impossible at all!

Published by
Xan Tafernaberry