Le padel continues its expansion across the four corners of France, with more than 350 clubs affiliated to the French Tennis Federation. According to the latest reports, three new complexes will soon see the light of day. Overview.

2 plots of land in Crotoy (Somme)

The Rue – Le Crotoy tennis club is preparing to welcome two tracks, to the great pleasure of practitioners. This decision, driven by the municipality, had been brewing for several months. “Our desire is to complete our local sports offering and to strengthen the niche of racket games already established in the town and which work very well”, explains Johann Rauch, communications manager, at the microphone of Actu.fr. The price of the project is estimated at 440 euros, part of which will be financed by the FFT. The opening is planned for this summer.

1 sports complex in Saint-Sauveur-des-Landes (Ille-et-Vilaine)

“Le F” is the name of the structure which will host various activities near Fougères. Installed on the edge of the A84, the hangar will house three runways from October 2024. padel, but also soccer, climbing and a clubhouse. Cost of investment: 2,5 million euros. " The padel, it's buoyant, sport in fashion. We aim for the widest possible clientele”, launch the two co-managers at Actu.fr, who hope to develop the practice in the sector.

4 slopes in La Tour-du-Crieu (Ariège)

Place a vibora withAriege Padel Club (Photo), It will soon be possible. Faced with growing demand in this South-West department, a private complex with four indoor tracks will be built. “What we want with this complex of padel, it is to develop the practice and conviviality of this discipline, touching all generations”, explains Nicolas Leignes, one of the three partners behind the project, for La Dépêche. The earthworks are now complete, and the club should launch by the end of the year.

It was through his father that Auxence discovered the padel, six years earlier. Today, he follows the international circuit with passion and teases the pala in his training club, Toulouse Padel Club. You can also find it on La Feuille de Match and LesViolets.com, two specialist media on Toulouse Football Club.