This weekend, 31 national teams will meet in Norway to try to qualify for the final phase of the 2024 FIP European Championships, scheduled for July 22 to 27 in Cagliari (Italy).

At the Nordic Padel, a club which has 14 indoor tracks, 31 national teams (20 men's and 11 women's) will enter the field to compete for the 12 qualifying places (six per table).

It starts on Friday 7 with the first day which will start at 17 p.m.; the second day will be launched on Saturday 8 from 11 a.m., and finally on Sunday 9, which will be the last day of the competition, the matches will start from 9:30 a.m. The good news is that all matches will be broadcast live on the FIP YouTube channel !

Here are the groups:


Group A: Finland, Czech Republic, Portugal
Group B: Switzerland, Bulgaria, Ukraine
Group C: Monaco, Türkiye, Estonia
Group D: Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia
Group E: San Marino, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Montenegro
Group F: Norway, Austria, Kosovo, Ireland

The formula: the first ranked in each group advances to the final phase.

Already qualified for the final phase: Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Denmark.


Group A: Lithuania, Norway, Estonia
Group B: Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia
Group C: Hungary, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Portugal

The formula: The first two in each group qualify for the final phase.

Already qualified for the final phase: Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Great Britain.

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