After the finals of the Betclic Remontada Padel at the foot of the Eiffel Tower at the beginning of May, 4PADEL (Groupe Players) continues its Parisian adventure with opening on 1er July of a club in the 20e district of Paris who will integrate pickleball for the first time.

5 tracks of padel and 3 pickleball courts

In this desire to position itself as a committed player in the padel in Paris, 4PADEL settles down Porte de Montreuil (Paris 20e) from 1er July. This new 100% outdoor club with 5 tracks of padel and a “guinguette” type sports bar to enjoy summer evenings, will also offer 3 pickleball courts to Parisians. Everything will be completed by an entertainment space, a living space in its own right.

4PADEL introduces you to pickleball!

This practice from the United States arrived in France in 2014. Today, 4PADEL integrates him for the first time into one of his clubs. Pickleball is a racket sport that mixes elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. Fun and intergenerational, this sport will appeal to a wide audience, regardless of age or level.

4PADEL Paris

An unprecedented opening awaited by Parisians

This opening is exceptional, since no national network has yet set foot in Paris intramuros. It is part of the desire to make a greater place for sport in the heart of the city and to respond favorably to Parisians' enthusiasm for padel. Exhibit in the heart of the capital padel to as many people as possible and thus facilitate access to sports practice, is part of the continuity of the DNA of the Players Group.

A place with a “social” destination

Beyond being a place of practice and meetings for Ile-de-France residents passionate about sport, the Paris 20 clubrd will also have a social vocation. Still in this desire to be a driving force in French sport, 4PADEL will make available, of the City of Paris, associations and school groups, its tracks padel and others in order to allow access to sports practice to as many people as possible: more than 4300 free hours will be offered. This initiative will be based around a complete social program in collaboration with local actors such as Glob'all Star and  Paris FC.


The club will be open every day from 7 a.m. to 00 a.m. with slots open for slope rental, introductory sessions, group or individual improvement courses and other events throughout the year.