4PADEL Bordeaux will host the training of players participating in the Betclic Bordeaux Premier Padel P2. First French stage of the international circuit of padel 2024, the competition will take place at the Arkéa Arena in June 10 to 16.

This new association demonstrates all the quality and excellence of the slopes and infrastructures 4PADEL, and confirms the growing expansion of the French brand, which has always positioned itself as a pioneer for the establishment and development of padel on the territory. Through this partnership, 4PADEL continues to lead the way by being the first club in padel in France to host training for an international competition.

Third largest center 4PADEL of France, the Bordeaux club has 9 tracks, including 4 premiums well spaced and allowing the exit of players, used for official competitions, and a connected window system to capture and record its performance. Engaged players will have access to all this equipment to train for the tournament which will take place at the Arkéa Arena from June 10 to 16.

In addition to hosting training, the club 4PADEL Bordeaux will also organize various events, in order to offer unforgettable experiences to all players and game enthusiasts. padel. These events will allow practitioners to experience unique moments and share their passion with an enthusiastic and dynamic community.

4PADEL Bordeaux 2