This weekend of June 8 and 9, a P1000 will be played at the 4Padel of Marville, and once is not customary, we will find at the top of series 1 the pair Hanouna / Zapata. The host and the Spanish professional player form the highest ranked pair, but be careful, this does not mean that they will be favorites. Pairs 2 and 3 in particular, Hue / Fouré and Perez Le Tiec / Lozano, necessarily more homogeneous, seem better equipped to claim the final victory.

You will notice that there are various well-known players from the padel French in the list of registrants, like Frédéric Pommier, Tom Mitjana, Maxime Bourgoin, but also Maxime Moreau, the French number 2 internationally, who starts in qualifying, and even the tennis player Maxime Hamou!

To follow the matches, simply go to Padel MagTV! We leave you the links below:

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