La Belgium will receive a stage of theAPT Padel Take the Tour, 14 au Next April 18. It will be an Open tournament with a prize money of 35 000 €. There will be 18 pairs in total in the main draw.

The French will be numerous at the start of this Belgian Open 2021. Here is a quick overview of the French pairs:

  • Adrien Maigret / Benjamin Tison
  • Maxime Moreau / Jérôme Inzerillo
  • Julien Seurin / Lilian Fouré
  • Julien Toniutti / Thomas Mitjana


Belgian Open poster APT Padel Take the Tour

We must of course add the Franco-Spanish pair Jérémy Scatena / Marc Bernils Garcia.

By studying the table closely, apart from a few Argentinian players, the table will be composed mainly of Europeans and especially of French and Belgians.

We can say that this table will have the flavor of a mini French-speaking European championship!


source: APT Padel Take the Tour

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