Dylan Guichard et Bastien Blanqué were the last French chance in the men's draw of Betclic Bordeaux Premier Padel P2. And they had a lot to do in the first round against two veterans of the circuit: Miguel Lamperti et Juan Cruz Belluati.

If they had not taken a seed from the start, as was the case for Thomas Leygue, the task remained no less arduous.

One break too many

The break in the first service game hurt the French pair who just took a little longer than their opponents to get into their match. There was not a huge gap between the two teams, Belluati / Lamperti having won 29 points in this set and Guichard / Blanqué, 27.

However, despite a very solid first round, the French players did not have the opportunity to catch up this game, although they obtained two break balls !

Score of the first set: 6/4 for Lamperti / Belluati.

The French dream…

In the second round, the French managed to prove that they were indeed in their match. Despite everything, they were forced to save several break points at the start of the set, which they knew how to defend with style.

At 3/2 for them, they managed to afford three break points. But the veterans Belluati / Lamperti were determined not to be left behind in this set and came back in this game, which was very competitive in the end. Missed opportunities for the Guichard / Blanqué pair who have not managed to convert a single break point since the start of the match.

The set finally went to a tie-break, perfectly underway for the French who obtained three set points. They were scared when they saw the Argentines come back up, but succeeded, on an incisive volley from Bastien Blanqué, to maintain hope in this match and to return to a round everywhere in a melting Arkéa Arena.

Second set score: 7/6 (5) for Guichard / Blanqué.

Bastien Blanqué Dylan Guichard Bordeaux P2

…and everything falls apart

The start of the third set was very complicated for the French pair who, after managing to get back to one set everywhere, conceded a break on their first service game. The bill was a little hefty because after only a few minutes of play, the Belluati / Lamperti pair already led 3/0 on the notice board.

The bad news continued for the French since Dylan Guichard must have received a medical timeout. The Breton was visibly injured in the thigh. It was too much for the outsiders in this decisive set…

As in the first set, this first break was fatal for the French, who failed to come back to the score. After a great battle, Dylan Guichard and Bastien Blanqué ended up giving in…

Final score: 6/4 6/7 (5) 6/3.

As for the match between Jessica Ginier and Carla Touly, the disillusionment is total. However, the French can come away satisfied with an XXL performance against two Top 50 players!

Last match of “french day” for the French with the last tricolor in the running, Alix Collombon, accompanied by Julieta Bidahorria.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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