This Tuesday in Bordeaux, on the occasion of the launch conference of the P2 Girondin which will take place from June 10 to 16, the organizers took the opportunity to unveil the trophy for the future winners.

Created by Bordeaux artist Migloo (aka Damien Miglietta – @by_migloo), who has made a reputation for framing jerseys in 3D, the original trophy will measure between 80 cm and 1 meter high. It is inspired by the legend of Excalibur where only the chosen ones, the winners therefore, will be able to remove the imitation crystal racket from the black rock in a final post-final show that promises.

This trophy, on which the names of the winners will be engraved each season, will also remain in Bordeaux when the winners and finalists (men and women) each leave with replicas.

“I started from zero level padel, recalls Damien Miglietta, the creator. The challenge was to avoid a cup or racket type trophy. I wanted to create something unique, a work of art that also had a wow effect during the trophy presentation show. »