Unlike what had been announced, there will not be eleven but nine French people on the Betclic slopes Premier Padel Bordeaux P2.

Indeed, injured in the foot, Jérémy Scatena is not able to hold his place. The tournament will therefore be played without him, but also without the man with whom he was to take part in the event: Manuel Vives.

Note that Jérémy will be present at the Arkéa Arena in Floirac, he who is currently installing the pitches with his company 100% Padel.

As a reminder, the men's qualifications begin this Sunday.

Here are the French who will be present in Gironde on the French side:

  • Colombon / Bidahorria (women’s main draw)
  • Ginier / Touly (Women's main draw WC)
  • Godallier / Soubrié (ladies qualifications)
  • Leygue / Patiniotis (WC main draw men)
  • Guichard / Blanqué (WC main draw men)
  • Moreau / Bergeron (men's qualifications)
  • From Meyer / Gonzalez (men’s qualifications)
  • Seurin / Maigret (men’s qualifying WC)
  • Vanbauce / Joris (men’s qualifying WC)

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