Start of tournament complicated for the French. After Johan Bergeron and Maxime Moreau, Julien Seurin and Adrien Maigret also lost in the first round against Victor Mena and Francisco Ramirez (6/2, 6/4).

Maigret Seurin new pair 2024

A good start followed by an air gap

Everything started well for Seurin / Maigret, who gratified the public with several par 3s from the first minutes. The Spaniards do not give up and take advantage of a break to unfold. The pace is tough, the mistakes multiply on the French side, and the Iberian duo logically wins the first act.

The rebellion will not have been enough

The second round is much tighter on all sides. Victor Mena hurts the French very badly with the variation in his game. Julien Seurin, for his part, is hyperactive and compensates for the mistakes made by his partner, who finds himself targeted by his rivals. They return to the race but fail to take the break (0/3), while Mena / Ramirez seems less sparkling. Nothing helped: despite two match points saved, Seurin and Maigret were beaten in two sets.

Now for the last French poster of the day: From Meyer / Gonzalez against Vanbauce / Joris.

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