Duel at the top for the Bordeaux P2 ladies final with the clash between Gemma Triay / Claudia Fernandez (TS1) and Marta Ortega / Vero Virseda (TS2). The first two in the rankings of this tournament met on the central track of the Arkea Arena for their very first clash this season.

Gemma Triay and Claudia Fernandez were favorites for this meeting, riding on good general form in recent tournaments and above all, remained on a title in the last P1, in Chile. In addition, we could not say that the meetings against Gemma Triay were successful in Vero Virseda, who had lost 19 consecutive confrontations...

A high-level first set

We awaited this meeting with great impatience, because it was reunion between Triay and Ortega, whose paths had never crossed again since their separation. The first set did not disappoint because the four players were playing at a very high level, from the first balls hit.

Vero Virseda also offered the public two magnificent exits from the track on powerful par 3s from Gemma Triay. The latter ended up changing tactics, subsequently preferring smashs in its parallel rather than diagonally.

Both pairs had opportunities to fly away in the first set. Two breaks on both sides and a parity score at 5/5. Unfortunately, while Vero Virseda and Marta Ortega went for the tie-break, Gemma and Claudia pushed to get their third break of the set.

First round score: 7/5.

A few sweats, but it passes!

Claudia Fernandez and Gemma Triay, full of confidence, resumed their cruising speed at the start of the second round. Committing far fewer unforced errors than their opponents, they managed to get the break from the first engagement game of Virseda / Ortega. The 2 seed seemed to have taken a blow to the head after the loss of this close first round.

Marta Ortega and Vero Virseda simply couldn't do it in this round. The points came one after the other at great speed and, while the first round lasted more than an hour, there was already 4/1 in the space of 20 minutes on the central…

It was without counting on a remontada unexpected from Veronica Virseda and Marta Ortega who raised their heads in this meeting to clear a double break and get back to the score. Arriving at two hours of play, the score on the scoreboard was 4/3 for Fernandez / Triay, Ortega / Virseda service.

As in the first set, Triay / Fernandez managed to win, despite some fears, this final set synonymous with a title in Bordeaux: 7/5.

Final score: 7 / 5 7 / 5.

source: Padel market

Gwenaelle Souyri

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