After the great victory of Gemma Triay and Claudia Fernandez, it was the men's turn to make their last entry onto the central track of the Arkea Arena. The match of outsiders between Momo Gonzalez / Alex Ruiz (TS3) and Coki Nieto / Jon Sanz (TS5).

There is didn't really have a match in this men's final. Alex Ruiz and Momo Gonzalez seemed, at certain times, absent from the debates. In the end, it makes 6/1 6/4 for Coki Nieto and Jon Sanz.

The Nieto / Sanz express

30 minutes were enough for Jon Sanz and Coki Nieto to complete the first set, helped by a Alex Ruiz completely out of his game who made a lot of mistakes, including 7 direct. Obviously, with a team opposite that is much more regular and more aggressive (7 winning points for Sanz, 3 for Coki), this is reflected in the score.

The games continued a dismaying speed and despite a slight burst of pride from Momo Gonzalez and Alex Ruiz who made a break, the bill is heavy at the end of this set: 6/1.

Everything is going well for Nieto / Sanz

The match still ended up starting for Alex Ruiz and Momo Gonzalez who found some color at the start of the second round. Finally, they won their first service game after losing three (out of three) in the first round…

However, Momo Gonzalez and Alex Ruiz never managed to find their best level. If it held on to their commitments in this set, it gave in at the worst moment at 4/4, offering the opportunity for Nieto / Sanz to serve for the match.

Even if it was not easy for Nieto / Sanz to conclude this meeting, they ended up achieving it, at the end of a well-managed match.

Finale Bordeaux P2 Statistics

source: Padel intelligence.

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