We know the first finalists of this very first edition of Bordeaux P2, at the end of a meeting with many twists and turns. While the first set was completely flown by the pair Virseda / Ortega, Riera and Araujo showed their fangs in the second round, shaking the 2 seed.

Despite everything, after more than two hours of match, it was indeed Vero Virseda and Martita Ortega who qualified for their first final this season : 6 / 1 7 / 5.

First set flown by Virseda / Ortega

The first game of the match lasted more than 10 minutes with, already, several break points for the Riera / Araujo pair, who failed to convert any of these opportunities. Behind, it took place in the center of the Arkéa Arena.

Veronica Virseda and Marta Ortega did not give any gifts at the 4th seed of the tournament. There Doctor completely outclassed the Argentine Riera in her diagonal, putting her in difficulty after three balls played. This superiority on the field was inevitably felt in the score. The advantage is taken in the first round for Virseda / Ortega 6/1.

Virseda and Ortega: the survivors

A little hectic at the start of the second round, Virginia Riera and Sofia Araujo managed to find some colors in this semi-final, notably achieving make a white break on the service of their opponents. Despite losing the first set, the Portuguese-Argentinian pair did not let themselves be defeated.

Short-lived rejoicing in the end since Vero Virseda and Martita Ortega ended up breaking Riera / Araujo in the next game to return to the score.

The set of missed opportunities for Virginia Riera and Sofia Araujo who had managed to make the break again and give themselves the opportunity to serve to win the set. However, once again, Martita and Vero returned to the scoreboard and even converted another break to serve for the match.

A final game concluded with authority, on a superb shot from Vero Virseda, who propels his team to the final of this Bordeaux P2!

The second women's meeting can be followed now on Canal+:

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