Bulgaria is certainly not known for its padel players. However, as in all Eastern countries in general, there are strength athletes, including weightlifters, who are known for their power ...

Although smash is above all a technical gesture, once it is mastered, it is interesting to gain power in order to be able to smash stronger, from further away. So you could very well use the Bulgarian method, much appreciated by weightlifters, which aims to improve power.

In bodybuilding, power is the speed at which you can move a weight. It's the same with smash: the harder we hit, with great acceleration of the arm, the faster the ball will pick up !

Thus, it is very interesting to use the Bulgarian method, which consists in linking an exercise of strength and an exercise of speed. For padel, this is the Bulgarian accentuated method which will be the most suitable: chain a strength exercise, a speed exercise, and a gesture close to sports.

Here is an example of a sequence of the accented Bulgarian method practiced by Léa Godallier to gain power in smash, 5 series of: 4 back squats at 80% maximum , 20 seconds of rest, 4 throws in the air of Medicine-Ball of 3 kilos, 20 seconds of rest, 6 pulley triceps extensions quick for each arm, pushing well on the legs. This exercise is similar to the smash gesture, and it is performed on each arm to avoid accentuating the force difference between the two arms. We will take 3 minutes of rest between sets.

Of course, it is entirely possible to use other exercises for the Bulgarian method, such as the shoulder-throw, deadlift, "front squat" ... or to modify the number of repetitions a little. It is also interesting carry out physical preparation on a padel court, which allows you to perform a sporting gesture, in this case smashing with a racket and hitting the ball!

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