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    Hello everybody

    I start in Padel next to the tennis that I practice in amateur competition (classified 30) and I am looking for a padel racket rather versatile and easy to play (comfort and sensations) but with a minimum of power of course that would allow me to progress, master the basics and get into some amateur competitions.

    There I start of course, I have played a few times but I'm doing pretty well through tennis. In any case I see that I am really above the other beginners who learn to practice.

    If you have snowshoe suggestions good value Artengo style (less than 100 €) I am a taker.

    Otherwise I specify that I am a young adult man not with a big physique (68kg for 1m79).
    In tennis I play with a Pure Drive Team (285g) for those who know (versatile racket that gives easy power, comfort and good access to the effects): medium weight and neutral balance so rather good handling, roped multifilament ( more arm friendly) but more typed control (Duramix or NXT control for example) to medium voltage (23 or 24kg), that I have to break every 15 about hours.

    My level of technique is correct: I control pretty much the effects in the service (flat, slicé and lifted), the back slicé, the volley and straight shots / backhand (flat covered or lifted), which allows me to rather to be well in my debut Padel.

    Thank you for your suggestions,


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    AvatarMartin Louvto

    Hello Pierre,
    I think I have a profile similar to yours. I did not have many snowshoes and brands. I read good articles on the new decathlon for 90 € (Kuikma). To see for the change of racket.
    I play with the white NOX of lamperti right now and I am satisfied. It is considered a high-end model. The racket is well balanced and she does the job. Again, there was a test article on the site interesting on the subject.
    I hope I have been helpful. good luck !

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    Hi Martin, thank you for your answer!

    Actually I saw the new Kuikma Decathlon, they look good but already seem to speak to players a little more expert, more than beginner / intermediate anyway!

    At Artengo I had seen the models 860 or 890 but I do not know at all what it's worth and no way to try rackets like tennis.
    I admit that the price of padel rackets scared me a little if I compare them to tennis where I could have my 2 Pure Drive around 120 € each string and pose included (on offer by cons).

    I checked a little on the side of the other brands and I found these rackets that seem to be in the price range that I want (less than 100 €):

    - HEAD: Flash and Flash Pro;

    - Bullpadel: Shake and BP 10 EVO;

    - StarVie: Zeta and Zeta 2.0;

    - Royal Padel: RP 109 Crono and RP 130 factor;

    - Dunlop: STING 360 and Titan Killer 2.0;

    - Black Crown: Rhino;

    - NOX: X-ONE C5;

    - Tecnifibre: Wall Master 365.

    Haha It's already a lot of models and as not possible to try the rackets it's hot! ^^ '
    So if someone has already tried one of these models and could give me his opinion it would help me.

    My goal for the moment is above all learning and mastering the basics, the game, the practice even if I'm already pretty favored with tennis.

    For these snowshoes, many really seem to be so-called initiation snowshoes. As I've played a few times and I'm not too bad I'm just afraid that some of these rackets quickly find their limit and requires me to invest again a few weeks after ...

    I take any advice from you in any case 🙂

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