After 2 weeks of competition, which saw the 4 continents tear apart to defend their favorite racquet, the French racket cup padel arrives in its home straight.

The final is determined. And it will obviously be a shock between one of the favorites of the tournament, la Bullpadel Maxi Sanchez Vertex 03, and the new edition of the defending champion, the Drop Shot Conqueror 9.0 by Juan Martin Diaz.

What a community on the side of Team Drop Shot! The whole world is mobilizing to make it triumph. Even Juan Martin Diaz got involved!

But the Team Bullpadel is no slouch and has shown its power by eliminating rackets loved by many players of padel, including the Nox AT10 Genius Arena and the 2021 Starvie Raptor.
The final will take place from Friday 20 p.m. to Sunday 20 p.m., or 2 whole days of competition to allow enthusiasts to defend and support the racket they want to see win this second edition of the Coupe de France!

As a reminder, the champion of France will be to be won subsequently in a draw the modalities of which will be explained by French Padel Shop after the final. So go meet on the Facebook page. A little virtual match before the next tournament resumes on our grounds, go for it!

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