After analyzing the P2000, we are interested in the results of the French Pairs Championship which has been held since 2015 under the aegis of the French Tennis Federation.

Blanqué dominates the debates among the gentlemen

In eight editions, only six players have been able to win a French champion title. The first winners were Robin Haziza et Jérémy Scatena who lifted two trophies. In the process, Bastien Blanqué et Johan Bergeron took power by signing a treble, dominating teams like Scatena / Ritz et Maigret / Tison.

After the cut imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Benjamin Tison was able to register his name alongside Johan Bergeron, who was then the most successful player in this competition. Defeated in the final with Thomas Leygue, Bastien Blanqué took his revenge the following year, before winning a fifth trophy in 2023 with the current tricolor number one, synonymous with the French Championships record.

Bastien Blanque Thomas Leygue

The winners among the Gentlemen:

  • Bastien Blanqué: 5
  • Johan Bergeron: 4
  • Robin Haziza, Jérémy Scatena, Thomas Leygue: 2
  • Benjamin Tison: 1

Collombon undefeated since 2017 in “France”

In the ladies, Laura Clergue et Audrey Casanova won the first two editions against Godard/Sorel and Bérard/Damiano.

In 2017, Alix Collombon appeared at the top of the national hierarchy. The Lyonnaise first formed a winning pair with Jessica Ginier with whom she recorded three consecutive victories. After the break due to Covid-19, Collombon joined forces with Léa Godallier, her runner-up in the ranking, to win three additional titles, largely outclassing all her competitors in the French Championships rankings.

Alix Collombon Léa Godallier

The winners among the Ladies:

  • Alix Collombon: 6
  • Léa Godallier, Jessica Ginier: 3
  • Laura Clergue, Audrey Casanova: 2

The ninth edition of the French Pairs Championships will be held from September 13 to 15 to 4PADEL Strasbourg.

Find the full results of the French Championships below:

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