The 2024 French Championships for over 45s in pairs delivered their verdict this weekend to the Spirit Padel Club. Here are the names of the big winners.

Amélie Detrivière and Catherine Lalanne alone in the world

From his entry into the running until the grand final, the 2nd seed simply flew over the competition. It's simple: in two days, she only conceded... two games. After having torpedoed Cadel / Mathey, Bodet / Gilbert and Terminet / Weil by the greatest margins (6/0, 6/0), the duo faced Emmelien Lambregts et Peggy Maignien (TS1).

This final, which promised to be a little more indecisive, turned into a recital for Detrivière / Lalanne. Firste and 39e The French quickly took the lead and faced outdated rivals. They won easily (6/0, 6/2) and became the first French women's champions over 45.

Arnaud Clément and Arnaud Di Pasquale, a victorious conquest

Ambush ends in apotheosis for the ex-tennis professionals. And yet, this seemed far from certain given the tough confrontations that awaited them. Winners of the Lucca / Peuvergne, Kischkewitz / Preauchat and Contet / Ramon pairs, they skilfully led their boat throughout the matches.

Facing them stood, in the final, a seeded 2 made up of Romain Coirault et Stéphan Nogaret. Clement et By Pasquale (TS6) did not give up and won the first round, before hitting the nail on the head in a decisive tie-break. Final score: 6/4, 7/6(5) for the two Arnauds, who also enter the history of padel French.

The replay of both matches is available below :

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