Our partner Cartri was able to interview Juliano Da Cunha Bergamini, the brother of Lucas, owner of a club of padel in Bento Gonçalves, Brazil.

A family of sportsmen

"My name is Juliano Da Cunha Bergamini, I was born in Porto Alegre on November 17, 1982, and I have lived all my life in Bento Gonçalves, Brazil. This small town of 100 inhabitants, known to be the national capital of grapes and wine, is also a town of padel. This is where I have my club padel, Padel Pro, which has 10 tracks, and which enjoys a very high occupancy rate. As Owner, Director, and Monitor, I am obviously delighted.

I am a very athletic person. Since I was little, I have played lots of sports, football, handball, volleyball, tennis, and so padel. I have started playing padel in 1995. , and I immediately fell in love with it because I found this sport both fun, dynamic, and low risk in terms of injury.

So I decided to compete, there were a lot of tournaments, which motivated me to train hard, keep improving and become professional.

Juliano Bergamini padel

Lucas Bergamini, the best known of the brothers

“My most famous brother is of course Lucas Bergamini, who is currently playing on the World Padel Tour. He is the youngest of my brothers, and from an early age he accompanied me to my matches. Gradually he began to become a sports fanatic, as is the case in the family.

From the age of 13, he was playing in the 2nd category, and at 15, he was my partner in the 1st category. In 2017 we have won one of the Fabrice Pastor Cup events and it gave us a Wild Card for the Barcelona WPT. After this tournament, I returned to Brazil but my little brother stayed in Spain, with Lucas Campagnolo, where they gradually entered the main draws.

It should be noted that he has a real talent in all sports and this allows him today to be one of the best players in the World Padel Tour, which is obviously a source of pride for our family, but also for the whole town of Bento Gonçalves."

The dream of starting a club padel Brazil

“Three years after starting the padel, in 1998, I participated in an international tournament in Madrid. I saw for the first time a track with windows instead of walls, and since that moment I dreamed of having such a club in Brazil.

So that's what I did with Padel Pro, which marked a new stage in the development of padel Brazilian. We are proud to have panoramic glass tracks, which are the new benchmark in Brazil and which I think promote the development of this magnificent sport in our country. I think that soon we will find tracks of padel all over the country.

Regarding the competition, I believe the padel Brazilian is on very good track, thanks to the presence of Ramiro Choya in the men and Neki Berwig in the women. I think these high level coaches will allow us to get closer to what is being done in Spain. Until then we were a little late. "

2020, a delicate year because of confinement

“This year, because of the pandemic, the main projects we had for the club suffered a drag. We had to organize one of the events of the Brazilian Championship, and for the first time we were going install a track at the Exhibition Center during the Expobento fair, intended for Commerce and Tourism, which provided for an influx of 330 people over 000 days!

This is only a postponement, since we will do it during the 2021 edition. Currently, the priority is to resume activity in the club and regain the confidence of “aficionados”. In Bento Gonçalves there are more than 700 regular players of padel, and I spend almost every day more than 10 hours on the track! ”

A privileged relationship with Cartri

“I've been working with Cartri since 2017, and it's obviously a pleasure. I believe that Cartri is a different brand from those that can be found on the market. The palas are exceptional, and the textiles and accessories are of incredible quality. I have an excellent relationship with Antonio Martins, the CEO of the brand, who is a great leader, but above all a very good person and a very good friend.

Cartri brought us what we lacked in Padel Pro, since it meets the needs of the most demanding players. At the same time, we are working hard to open outlets in all corners of Brazil. It is an exciting challenge and I am very proud to belong to a great brand like this, which is constantly developing! ”

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