Hello everyone. Follow the final Adrien Maigret - Benjamin Tison against Johan Bergeron / Bastien Blanqué. A live commented by Adrien Pittore.

16h49 7 / 6; 6 / 1: they are champions of France for the 3e times in a row. Johan Bergeron and Bastien Blanqué did it. Match hanging at the start, the 2e set was mostly played in the head. Benjamin Tison and Adrien Maigret have had too much trouble getting into it.

16h43 7 / 6; 4 / 1: Bastien Blanque and Johan Bergeron play a lot on Adrien Maigret. Benjamin Tison is forced to come to replace the center to hit a few balls. Above all, this tactic fatigues Maigret and forces him to reveal all his panoply of blows. Blanque and Bergeron unroll. Tison explodes his racket on the glass. The spell seems to have turned.

16h38 7 / 6; 3 / 1: Bergeron - Blanque grow in power. The smallest ball returned too easily ends with a bloody smash! "He can come, he can come!" Coward Bergeron to Adrien Maigret who had anticipated the return.

16h33 7 / 6; 2 / 1: Bergeron - Blanqué pass by. Always on their service. It is offensive, it is clean (almost as much as after the passage of an official scrubber of tiles) and especially that bring back points.

There is such intensity in the match that they have us

16h30 7 / 6; 1 / 1: a game everywhere. New equality. No one is destined to let go of this match.

16h27 7 / 6; 0 / 1: Bastien has progressed a lot in defense and allows his duo to hold. But that's not enough to pass Maigret-Tison.

16h20 7 / 6 (tie-break: 7 / 2): 7 / 6 MY-STRU-EUX! They are monstrous. It passes 7 / 2 in the tie-break for Bergeron - Blanqué. Despite the incredible defenses of Tison, it goes for those who play in Spain. 1er set won by Bergeron - Blanqué

16h16 6 / 6: Tie-break in the 1er set.

16h12 6 / 5: Blanque - Bergeron master their game of service perfectly.

16h09 5 / 5: It's crazy! No break bullet! Opportunities are well on the side Bergeron - Blanqué but what defense of Maigret - Tison! It's so clean!

16h06 5 / 4: Smash slammed by Bastien Blanqué. Full center. Benjamin Tison had anticipated outside but the ball comes back Bergeron / Blanque. They pass by.

16h04 4 / 4: Sincerely, we would be tempted to say nothing and let the game play so beautiful. In service, Maigret and Tison are impregnable. And what a defense! On the other side of the net, Bergeron and Blanque, it's attack next. We touch poetry. Bullets feed the net and the windows.

Just know that we have Alexis Salles tribune press. For the uninitiated, it is neither more nor less than one of the national breeders. We say that ...

15h57 3 / 3: Bergeron makes a great exit (almost in the chair of the referee) on the 3 Maigret. Smart discount very short but white and red can raise. Flanked by Blanqué, directly in the window. Pity. Bastien Blanqué plays a lot with side windows and fences. Twice it does not happen. But when it's in, we're on a high class gesture. The two duets go for blow. It takes a ball filed in the divorce area by Maigret to conclude.

15:52 p.m. 3/2: We are really witnessing some very beautiful things padel. An extremely varied range of shots. Long game, volleys, attacks and defenses. Maigret and Tison are determined not to let anything go and especially not to make the task easy for Blanqué / Bergeron.

If you had any doubt about who supports the public, know that every time Maigret - Tison score a point, the press gallery fails to crumble. TAP FEET LESS STRONG!

15h43: 2 / 1 Blanqué - Bergeron. Change of side and clapping of the public. Of the atmosphere! And it plays well. The stands are full

15h41 1 / 1: the premises of the stage return under the hola of the public!

15h39 1 / 0: Blanqué / Bergeron. It attacks strong input!


Thank you all for having followed this live.

Adrien Pittore

A journalist by training, I fell into the padel In Lyon. Since then, I have become a real fan of the sport. And like all self-respecting players, I'm a fan of Padel Magazine. My goal: to provide you with national and international news in this sport, but not only… Prepare for surprises every year!