There was ultimately only one surprise during the round of 1 of Mar Del Plata P3: the elimination of Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron (TS9). The Andalusians, far from their best level in Argentina, logically suffered the law of the number 100 pair on the circuit: Sanz / Nieto. In the other matches, the favorites did the job, although sometimes with difficulties, especially for the XNUMX% Argentinian pairs. Bela / Tello and Sanyo/Maxi.

We will therefore see seven seeded players at work this Friday in the quarterfinals, as well as the ninth duo. The most balanced match on paper is certainly the one between Yanguas / Garrido and Sanz / Nieto. An opposition of styles which could benefit pair number 9 given the rather slow conditions…

We will of course closely follow the opposition between numbers 1 and Tello / Belasteguin. In front of a public which should logically push behind the legend Bela, can we expect a surprise coming from the 45-year-old player and his new teammate?

The posters for the men’s quarters:

  • M. Yanguas / J. Garrido (6) vs. J. Nieto / J. Sanz (9)
  • A. Coello / A. Tapia (1) vs. J. Tello / F. Belasteguin (5)
  • M. Sanchez / C. Gutierrez (8) vs. F. Chingotto / A. Galan (2)
  • F. Stupaczuk / M. Di Nenno (4) vs. J. Gonzalez / A. Ruiz (7)

Among the girls, there are also seven seeds in these quarters. Following Claudia Jensen's injury, a place became available for a pair of outsiders and it was Ustero / Alonso who grabbed it. The young Spaniards dominated their compatriots Las Heras and Iglesias in a great fight in three sets. All the results of the eighth here.

Note that once again Gemma Triay and Claudia Fernandez will meet Lucia Sainz and Patty Llaguno this Friday.

Low on confidence for a while, number 1 Sanchez and Josemaria will try to pull themselves together against Riera / Araujo.

Posters for the women's quarters:

  • G. Triay Pons / C. Fernandez Sanchez (3) vs. L. Sainz Pelegri / P. Llaguno Zielinski (8)
  • M. Ortega Gallego / V. Virseda (5) vs. D. Brea Senesi / B. Gonzalez Fernandez (2)
  • A. Sanchez Fallada / P. Josemaria Martin (1) vs. V. Riera / S. Araujo (7)
  • A. Ustero Prieto / A. Alonso De Villa vs. A. Salazar Bengoechea / T. Icardo Alcorisa (4)

The program :

To follow the matches, go from 14:00 p.m. French time to the YouTube channel of Premier Padel !

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