Miguel Lamperti will continue in 2024, normally with José Jimenez!

That the fans of padel can be reassured: unlike Juani Mieres, Pablo Lima, Juan Martin Diaz or even the Alayeto twins, Miguel Lamperti does not yet intend to retire. We will therefore still see the man with white hair at professional tournaments next season. Just like Carolina Navarro and Fernando Belasteguin, the native of Bahia Blanca is not yet ready to hang up the pala.

Considered one of the most charismatic players in the world, Lamperti, 45, will still delight us with his “Par 3s” one more year. As he declared in a video posted on his YouTube channel, the iconic Nox player still wants to fight on the track.

And since his teammate from the end of the season, Juan Martin Diaz, retired, “Miguelito” had to look for a new partner. And this one should be the young José Jimenez (19 years old; 70th WPT) with whom the Argentinian is registered at Premier Padel Milano P1. It's simple, if things go well between the two men in Italy, they will normally start 2024 together.

Lamperti is therefore betting on a player who is behind him in the rankings, but who has a very interesting profile. Indeed, this 1m80 left-hander has very good ball quality and an ability to cover a lot of ground. Perfect for Lamperti who no longer really has his 20-year-old legs, but still a high-level smash, in addition to intact aggression and experience to spare! We can't wait to see what these two men will offer in Milan!

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Xan Tafernaberry