Our el4set colleagues are doing a little joke this morning on Instagram by announcing that Rafa Nadal would play two WPT tournaments in 2022 with Juan Lebron.

The tournaments in question would be those of Madrid and Malaga. The “Mallorcan Bull”, currently recovering from a painful foot, would take the opportunity to make the transition from padel tennis.

In contract with Babolat for years, the one who has won Roland Garros 13 times, would therefore logically team up with Juan Lebron, world number 1 and effigy of the French brand. All this holds together rather well ...

But as you will no doubt have understood, today it is the “Day of the Innocents”Among our Spanish neighbors, the equivalent of April 20 in France. A nice little joke from our colleagues, which shows that many people would like to see more of the tennis stars at work on the “10 × XNUMX”.

Unfortunately we will still have to wait. Indeed, Rafael Nadal had confided to us not long ago that padel was not currently on the agenda:


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