In many countries such as France, it is possible to teach padel as a tennis teacher, but is that as far as you have the skills?

Certainly padel is a racquet sport with a yellow ball that seems so similar to tennis! But it is when you enter a padel court with experienced players that you become aware of all the subtleties that are hardly visible at first!

It's a bit like comparing windsurfing to kitesurfing… of course knowing how to play tennis gives you many advantages in getting to padel more quickly, however it can also be disabling! It's not always easy to reduce your major tennis preparations, to ignore your bad reflexes to want to play in open spaces, strong or even on the fly while you are behind the white line!

To make the link between the two activities and thus be able to teach padel in a relevant way, the coach will need to appropriate different content:

As a player:

  1. Learn to adapt your own tennis gestures through specific technical padel lessons.
  2. Appropriate the playing area to better understand the strategies to be implemented and the need to adapt your technique through matches with experienced local players.

As a coach:

  1. Assimilate the learning chronology through the experiences of experienced coaches.
  2. Build up a repertoire of valid exercises according to the situations and profiles of the players concerned thanks to the observation and participation in the supervision of training of all levels and ages within a Spanish school as an assistant '' a French-speaking or English-speaking Spanish coach.

As a facilitator and coordinator of a padel school:

  1. Take note of all the ideas of fun activities and management of competitions appropriate to different types of public

OSS, which wants to help padel to develop internationally, offers personalized training at any time of the year.

The modular type program below aims to give coaches the opportunity to orient themselves the content of their training according to their needs and the aspects which seem to them to be a priority at the time of their internship in Barcelona!

  • 8h private lessons
  • 8h games
  • 15 p.m. Coaching Assistant
  • 5h personalized theory sessions according to the coach's needs

more info:

Isabelle VANNIER BE 2 tennis teacher and padel having lived in the USA, and expatriated in Spain for more than 10 years, organizes sports and language courses in Barcelona, ​​through its OuiSportSpirit structure - and more particularly in the world of padel and tennis through the OSSTP department - We look forward to welcoming you soon!