We have recently seen some rather special attitudes on and off the slopes. padel, so much so that one wonders if players are required to show a certain courtesy towards their opponents.

Sanchez / Capra: a difference in attitude

Yesterday, Gonzalo Alfonso and Xisco Gil, who were playing only their second match together, created a nice surprise with a victory after a big fight against the number 10 pair of Malaga P1, Sanchez / Capra. After the meeting, Maxi Sanchez, although obviously disappointed with the defeat, did not fail to congratulate the number 1 of A1 Padel and his sidekick for their big match.

Maxi's teammate, Lucho Capra, also posted a message on Instagram just after the defeat. On the other hand, he didn't have a single word for Xisco and Gonzalo. Is Lucho a bit of a bad player or has he just forgotten his rivals of the day? By reading the comments of the publication, we see that the fans opt for the first solution, especially since the traditional post-match handshake was rather cold as you will see below…

Paquito / Lebron: same fight

Speaking of post-match, here's a scene that got aficionados around the world talking padel last weekend. After the suspenseful victory of Galan and Chingotto against Lebron and Navarro, “El Lobo” obviously did not really want to show a sign of affection to his former teammate Ale.

On his Instagram account just after the meeting, Paquito did not fail to congratulate his opponents of the day, which visibly pleased Galan, who was the first to comment and applaud his opponents for the big battle of the day. All the more appreciable when we know that the Sevillian had a big crush on the Madrilenian when he smashed it in the head!


A bit like Lucho Capra, Lebron “forgot” to congratulate Ale and Fede…

As we can see with these two recent examples, players do not all react the same way after a defeat. In your opinion, is it important to salute the work of those who beat you after the match or does it ultimately have no importance?

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