Wendy Barsotti and her Spanish partner Ana Fernandez De Osso are lost in first round of qualifying facing Aguilar (65) / Manquillo (64) in the women's table. The Frenchwoman tells us.

His return to the match

I'm disappointed, frustrated, because that's what I said to Robin (Haziza) at the end of the match, I tell myself that there are good phases but in fact I have the impression of never being able to play my game because on the other hand they play very well, they only send planes and you never have time to really put your game in place.

Afterwards, I still had fun. I had phases of play where I was happy with myself because usually there are maybe a few more mistakes. I managed to have a few positive points, let's say. But it's true that when you watch the end of the match, you see 43 minutes, you say to yourself “Wow, it's going too quickly”.  

Carla had warned me, she had played them with Jess and she had told me “You'll see, it's going really fast, you have to manage to calm things down, to break up the rhythm”. And in fact, you say to yourself “very good, I'm going to do lobs”, but they send even when you lob. They always have time to position themselves, you play hard down and send yourself a plane but it's very hard to break the rhythm, frankly, they play very well and I think that at their age, they will succeed in go far I think.

I'm happy to have been able to play. My partner was very nice, she made me feel very comfortable.”

Barsotti Bordeaux P2

Not ideal preparation

You should know that I was on vacation all week, and when I'm on vacation, I don't do any sport. So I was in Corsica, I ate sausage, I ate pâté every day. And two days ago, I was still in Corsica: I arrived yesterday! But hey, I didn't feel bad, at least physically. But it's true that when you prepare every day, it's different. But in any case, for my supporters, thank you for watching me, I had a blast because it's a crazy opportunity to be able to play these girls and see where you are and identify your areas of focus. 'improvement.

To also have a partner like I had next to me, in fact, these are very stupid things, but throughout the match she was telling me to take my time between points. It's stupid, but it's true. These are experiences and moments that make us learn a lot, so I am very happy. Of course I'm frustrated not to have scored more games, more points, but that's for next time.

Congratulations in any case to all the organizers because frankly, it's a crazy pleasure to play here. I stay there for a few days, and then I go back to training. There are FIPs which follow one another at the end of June at the beginning of July, so it will continue in Italy, in Spain, all that…

Dorian Massy

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