Interest in padel continues to increase in Sweden where more and more people join this growing sport.

Swedish Association of padel every year organizes a number of national competitions, the Swedish Padel Tour and Swedish Championships.

Elite Hotels becomes a new partner of the Swedish Padel Association

After several years of unofficial collaboration, the Swedish hotel chain becomes official partner and sponsor of theSwedish Association of padel. Established from Malmö, in the south, to Kiruna, in the north, this hotel group is made up of 40 establishments recognized for the quality of their facilities.

A lot of crazy competitions and events are happening in Sweden. Recently, the world's best players gathered there for America vs Europe.

The aim of this alliance between federation and hotel group is to facilitate the reception of participants, members of the association and staff from all over the world by offering quality accommodation at advantageous prices. Elite Hotel will also be the base camp for the national selections of padel when they will have to meet and carry out team internships

An important partner

Calle Akesson, operations managers at the Swedish Padel Association spoke about this new collaboration and underlined the fact that it is a very important long-term partnership for the SPA because it will help it in its ambition to grow this sport on the national territory.

For David Hallden, CEO of Elite HotelsIs “A great pleasure to start this new partnership with the Swedish Padel Association because this sport is at an important turning point in Sweden ”. A moment chosen to offer their services to practitioners!


Credit Photo: Elite Hotel

Sebastien Carrasco

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