Starting in May, 3 Fiberglass Padel Courts by NXPadel will land at a private high school in Austin, expanding the already vast on-campus sports offerings.

It's no secret that sports are a huge part of American student life, with state-of-the-art facilities, competitions, and events that are unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Just a few years ago, it seemed like a dream to think that even padel would be added to the list of sports played at school, especially considering that the sport arrived in the States a bit later than in Europe.

However, times change fast, and the growth of padel knows no setbacks, let alone geographical or social barriers. We are thrilled to announce that it is finally ready to land in an American high school!

It is a private high school in Austin, Texas, where work has already begun on installing three state-of-the-art padel courts. This time, they're going all out with three incredible Fiberglass Padel Courts in the N1A model with ComfortGlass and ZeroS (the first sandless padel mat) manufactured by the Italian company NXPadel.

The project, which will be completed by May, is the result of a partnership between NXPadel and AMET International and is the fruit of almost a year of hard work by Andres Moreno (the founder of AMET) and his team, who carried out all the activities necessary to ensure a perfect result: drawings, renderings, construction permit management, installation, and after-sales services.

For NXPadel, which has always been committed to innovating this sector through solutions that guarantee unprecedented benefits to all stakeholders in this industry, being chosen by a reality such as a school, where the safety of students must unquestionably be put first, is a huge source of pride. The N1A model chosen for the Austin private high school courts is a shining example of safety in action. Its two components, the Fiberglass structure and the ComfortGlass walls, work in perfect harmony to keep students safe. Let's dive in and explore how!

Super elastic fences to absorb all kinds of shocks

The Fiberglass structure is one of the most incredible things you'll ever see. It's able to absorb all kinds of shocks, and it's super elastic and resilient. This material is able to confer incredible elasticity and resilience to the side fences of the padel court, against which players often find themselves having to impact in an attempt to recover a very angled blow.

While impacting against the lateral fence can sometimes result in bruises and sore muscles, the situation changes drastically on Fiberglass padel courts! Players on the court will benefit from a super-elastic mesh that perfectly cushions any kind of impact, preventing any injury.

The Fiberglass fence itself also features an anti-abrasive profile that prevents injuries, cuts, or scratches in case of accidental falls near the mesh. And there's more! Fiberglass is a chemically anti-rust material, which is great news for padel players and fans alike.

The importance of an indestructible “glass”

One of the most exciting aspects of padel is undoubtedly the walls. They are usually made of glass, a material that for obvious reasons can break and lead to decidedly fun consequences, especially in a setting such as a school. The ultimate solution in this regard is an exclusive from NXPadel: it is called ComfortGlass, an acrylic compound that makes the walls of the padel court the first of their kind to be super elastic and 100% indestructible, both in case of impact with the players' bodies and with objects such as stones or other.

With ComfortGlass, NXPadel has made it possible to completely redesign the relationship with glass by transforming it (as the name implies) into a 100% safe comfort zone. This is the perfect solution for schools!

Needless to say, the project at Austin High School represents for NXPadel the realization of one of the founding values on which its mission in this sector is based: to engage people around the sport through solutions that allow them to experience it to the fullest, every day and in complete safety.

Because as already mentioned, padel knows no barriers and proves every day that it is an accessible sport that can be adapted to a wide variety of contexts, even a school!

All that remains is to wait for the first official photos of the students on the pitch. padel of Vetroresina, hoping that they become more and more passionate about this magnificent sport.