This is a situation that we already have described in one of our articles on the lob at padel, it is entirely possible to make a “par 4” on a lob.

Generally, the “par 4” is a shot that you make when you are very close to the net. On an easy smash, a counter-smash, or even on a volley for the more skillful, we will smack the ball in a sharp manner, so that it flies away and exits through the four-meter gate. As you now know if you read us regularly, the “par 4” is a definitive shot, which puts an end to the point. So there’s no point running like crazy to try to put the ball back in play…

But let’s get back to the topic of the day: no, “par 4s” are not limited to the situations mentioned above. In fact, it is entirely possible to make a “par 4” on a lob. To do this you have to send what is called a candle lob, a ball which will rise very high, so high that it will keep enough speed to pass over the four meter grid after rebounding. The ball must also fall in the right place to have the sufficient angle to be able to exit.

As you can see, it's a rather difficult shot to achieve, especially since opponents, if they sense it coming (like our star commentator Mario Cordero), will play the ball live. This is why we don't see this move often on the slopes, but know that it exists, we saw it again this Tuesday during the Bordeaux P2 previa match between Castillon / Piltcher and Bellver / Borrero. The proof in pictures :

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