Ibai Plains has gone down in history! This Spanish content creator and influencer created an exhibition tournament on the platform of Twitch streaming.

With the cooperation of El Padel of Las Estrellas, Ibai Plains highlighted the success of new entertainment formats. He entered the history of sports broadcasts in livestreaming!

Thanks to the talent of the content creator, his spontaneity and his naturalness, the exhibition went very well. Through his communication, he created the event of padel the most followed in the history of the Twitch platform.

Ibai Llanos Twitch Padel record viewers Exhibition

This amateur tournament reached a peak of 207 spectators and 296 million viewers (that's the term given to people watching a live on Twitch) during the two days of the championship. In this Sunday's final, the couple formed by Kolderiu and Tresco were crowned champions by beating in the grand final TheGrefg and Gemita (Spanish influencers).

What made the event successful were the people who were invited to participate. Only influencers with a certain community, in Spain. Here are their names: Kolderiu, Tresco, Xbuyer, Eric Ruiz, Ander, Markel Cortés, Coscu, Axel Martinez, Werlyb, Spursito, Siro López, Outconsumer, Ibai, Valentin Fargan, Thegrefg and Gemita.

All presented by Ibai, accompanied by Manu Martin, coach of the best players of padel, and Cata Tenorio, 4 times world champion. Other guests joined them during the various matches.

It should be remembered that Ibai Llanos already holds the record for the most watched sports program on Twitch. The night of the year, the big boxing event, which became the most viewed sporting event in Twitch history reaching a maximum of 1 simultaneous spectators and an average of 544 spectators for more than three hours. This gives it a privileged place in the history of livestreaming on a global scale.


source: Los40

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