It was one of the big challenges of the A1 Padel France Grand Master who is currently competing at Beausoleil: the fight to finish in the top 16 and qualify for the Master Final which begins in a week in Salta, Mexico.

Already qualified for the quarter-finals of the France Grand Master, Britos and Del Moral, who form the 7th seed, did the job at Beausoleil by qualifying for the quarters.

For his part, Santiago Rolla was one of the big disappointments of the competition, he who lost from the start with Yain Melgratti against Guiral / Urzola. But the Argentinian was able to benefit from the elimination in the first round of Abud and Ferreyra (beaten 6/2 6/2 by Puppo / Gonzalez) to consolidate his sixteenth place.

But mathematically the Argentinians are not guaranteed to play the Master Final, Oscar Guiral and Alejandro Urzola can always pass in front of Britos and Rolla if they qualify for the final...

Here are the players currently qualified:

  • Maxi Maple
  • Franco Da Bianco
  • Juani De Pascual
  • Gonzalo Alfonso
  • Tito Allemandi
  • Tolito Aguirre
  • Eduardo Torre
  • Diego Ramos
  • Maxi Sanchez Blasco
  • Santiago Frugoni
  • Yain Melgratti
  • Pablo barrera
  • Matias Del Moral
  • Fede Chiostri
  • Santiago rolla
  • Andres Britos

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