What a game ! We were waiting for a big shock between the two best pairs of the A1 Padel this Sunday in Beausoleil and it took place!

In line with their great start to the season, which saw them win the first three tournaments of 2024, Tolito Aguirre and Gonzalo Alfonso started the meeting with a bang. The numbers 2, still undefeated on the A1 Padel this year, showed that they were the pair of the moment by pocketing a controlled first set: 6/2.

But in the second round, the numbers 1, who could lose their throne this Sunday (to the benefit of Alfonso), showed what wood they were made of. Establishing a real battle, the numbers 1 returned to the match little by little, winning a second set and a very close tie-break: 7/6 (5).

Broken at the start of the decisive round, Tolito and Alfonso found the resources to go up to 15/40 and immediately get back to 1/1. But behind, while they were leading 40/30, they let their opponents resume their service. Behind, the number 2s had opportunities to come back but they were each time dominated on the most important points. It was finally on a final break that Arce and Dal Bianco went for their first title of the year, and their first victory of the season against Aguirre / Alfonso! Final score: 2/6 7/6 6/3.

Beaten for the first time in 2024 on the A1 Padel, Tolito and Gonzalo, who almost took first place this Sunday, will certainly have their morale a little low, but given their level of play, they should soon have the opportunity to take their revenge!

For those who would like to watch the match again:

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