As we told you yesterday, it is a dream finale which we will be able to attend this Sunday in Beausoleil. By chance, it’s a remix of the Monaco Master final in March!

This Sunday we will find the first two pairs face-to-face in a clash that promises to be epic. On one side, the current numbers 1, Franco Dal Bianco and Maxi Arce, who are chasing a first title in 2024. On the other, Tolito Aguirre and Gonzalo Alfonso, THE pair from the start of the season, who won the first three tournaments and who has still not been beaten on the A1 Padel.

And as if that wasn't enough, the number 1 place on the circuit is at stake. Indeed, if Tolito and Alfonso win, Gonza will take the throne from Maxi and Franco!

You have understood, it is already THE match of the season which will be played at Beausoleil today at 15:00 p.m. We open the predictions: do you think that Arce and Dal Bianco will be crowned for the first time this year, or that on the contrary they will bow for the second time (after Monaco) against Tolito and Gonzalo and leave these last to win their fourth title? And at the same time cede their throne to Alfonso…

To follow the match, go to the A1 YouTube channel Padel !

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