La fight for first place in A1 Padel continues between the pair Arce / Dal Bianco and Gonzalo Alfonso, currently third in the standings.

The number 1s did not have to exert their talent to advance to the semi-finals this Friday. Better, they didn't even have to play, they who benefited from Yain Melgratti's package.

Maxi and Franco, who have not left any feathers in the two matches they have played so far at Beausoleil, should therefore be in good shape tomorrow for their semi-final. Those who are chasing a first title in 2024, and who absolutely want to keep their place at the top of Fabrice Pastor's circuit, will cross swords with Tito Allemandi and Ramiro Pereyra, who left no chance to Vasco Pascoal and Victor Saenz (6 /2 6/1).

In the other part of the picture, there wasn't too much suspense either. Rolla and Barrera qualified for a first semi-final together to the detriment of Lopez / Pérez (6/4 6/4), and Tolito Aguirre and Gonzalo Alfonso did not tremble against Abud / Frugoni (6/3 6/ 3).

We should therefore have four pairs in great shape tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. for the final four!

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