The hierarchy has clearly changed on the A1 Padel. If Maxi Arce and Franco Dal Bianco started the Galicia Open with the status of number 1 seed, the Argentinians are no longer the bosses of Fabrice Pastor's circuit...

Aguirre and Alfonso score a double in Galicia! In addition to winning their fifth title of the season, the Argentines become the number 1 pair in A1 Padel ! From the next tournament, there will therefore be a new seed 1 in the competitions on the Fabrice Pastor circuit.

In the final yesterday in Pontevedra, Gonzalo and Tolito showed Arce and Dal Bianco that they were the new kings of A1. Victorious 6/4 6/4, those who have only lost once this year on the A1 Padel (in the final of the France Open, against… Arce / Dal Bianco), continue to put everyone in agreement with 29 victories out of 30 matches played.

Hooked by Chiostri / Sanchez in the quarter, the new numbers 1 shifted gears behind, with a correction inflicted on Allemandi / Pereyra (6/0 6/1), then this victory in two sets against those who had started the year as favorites.

With five wins in six tournaments, Aguirre and Alfonso are now THE pair to beat on the A1 Padel. It remains to be seen whether this new status will be successful for them. Start of response in a little over three weeks in Argentina, for the La Rioja Open!

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