The Dal Bianco/Arce era is over, to the extent that the former world numbers 1 failed to reach the semi-finals of the Sanlucar Open. Consequently, Fabrice Pastor's circuit has a new world number 1: Gonzalo Alfonso.

Maximiliano Arce and Franco Dal Bianco had already almost lost their title during the Beausoleil tournament, last month. They had been authors of a remontada spectacular to manage to preserve their number 1 rank. This time, they will not even reach the last four of the tournament in Spain, beaten in three sets by Ramiro Pereyra et Adrian Allemandi.

For their part, the bulldozers Gonzalo Alfonso et Tolito Aguirre lost no time on the track, defeating Daniel Martinez and Leonardo Yob. This victory therefore allowed Gonzalo Alfonso to become the new number 1 of A1. For Tolito, there is still a little work to do to join his partner of the season.

Others qualified for the last four in Spain: Agustin Torre et Diego Ramos. The two players defeated Martin Abud and Santiago Frudoni, after a very tight match which ended in a 7/5 in the last set. They will therefore meet Ramiro Pereyra and Adrian Allemandi.

On the other side of the table, we knew there would be a surprise pair in the semi-finals of this tournament. In the end, it's the pair Cristobal Garcia / Santiago Pineda who won the duel outsiders, to afford a match against Tolito Aguirre and Gonzalo Alfonso.

First semi-final scheduled for 11 a.m., followed directly by the second match:

Gwenaelle Souyri

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