We expected a shock in the first round of theA1 Padel Sanlucar Open between the seeded 2 Aguirre / Alfonso and the pair Britos / Melgratti but it did not really take place…

Indeed, beaten only once this season on Fabrice Pastor's circuit, Tolito and Gonzalo are in great form. They proved it again with a recital against their compatriots: 6/1 6/2!

For the moment the top seeds are holding strong in Andalusia with the exception of one, that made up of Matias Del Moral and Juani De Pascual. Beaten in the round of 2 in France, the Argentines suffered yet another embarrassing defeat: 6/4 6/XNUMX against Pedro Vera and Sergio Arias... The Spaniards will play tomorrow against Pedro Perry and Relis Fereyra in a match that promises to be hot.

For their part, De Pascual and Del Moral don't seem at all confident, and they will quickly have to pull themselves together if they don't want to start falling down the rankings...

But in the meantime, have a nice day padel is announced this Wednesday in Sanlucar. The proof below:

The updated table:

To follow the matches go to the A1 YouTube channel Padel !

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