Adeslas is the number one health insurance in Spain. In parallel, Adeslas is in partnership and official sponsor of the professional circuit of padel World Padel Tour.

Adeslas sponsors several players including Fernando Belasteguin, Pablo Lima, Marta Marrero, Alejandra Salazar, Marta Ortega, Ari Sanchez and recently Ale Galan and Agustin Tapia.

The 4 main actors are of course Bela / Lima and Marrero / Salazar. Since each of them has changed partners, Adeslas remains loyal and continues to sponsor these 4 main players plus their new partners. This is simply a marketing cost and of course everything is calculated before any decisions are made.

For example, when Bela changes partners, Adeslas has a say when the new partner is chosen. If Adeslass does not want to sponsor the new partner, Bela will probably have to choose another partner in the field.

All this professional world of padel is very well organized around the players, nothing is left to chance and even less when it comes to headliners and very important names in the padel.

Regarding women, Marta Marrero and probably the most pampered because its image and its charisma is a beautiful showcase for Adeslas. In addition to that. it has very good results throughout the year which facilitates the choice of Adeslas to be with Marta.

Even if Adeslas carried out a good operation having a very good visibility with the players of padel, the CEO and of course a passionate padel who likes to organize, go to meet his protégés and play games with them.

source: World Padel Tour

Max Moreau

Max Moreau is one of the best French in padel. The Sherlock of padel opens the doors to the French and professional circuit. This expert in padel will not hesitate to intervene on the tactics and the technique of our sport.