The racket padel Adidas Adipower Carbon Control 2016 may be one of the best racquets that Adidas Padel is never built.

We can say that Adidas amplifies its entry into the world of padel with the launch of the new range of racquet padel Adidas 2016 version with many models available. It's a safe bet that players from padel will find in the new models, shoes to their feet.

Focus on this new racquet padel Adidas, the ADIDAS ADIPOWER CARBON CONTROL which offers a very attractive quality and design.

The features of the Adidas Adipower Control Pala 2016

In the opinion of all, this is one of the best models of the circuit both in terms of design as in terms of quality. If this racket is aimed especially at demanding players, the less initiated will appreciate the accessibility of this racket.

First, it is a very high-end full carbon model. Round shape, the Adidas racket offers a rather wide sweet spot and thus allows to decenter without losing too much balance in the shots.

At the level of the profile it is of the classic: 38 mm.

The weight of the racket oscillates between 360 gr and 380 gr. By taking a heavier model, the player can put more weight in the racket. On the other hand, the light weight version of the racquet will offer a great maneuverability of the racket and will be very appreciated by the defenders.

At the level of technological innovations explained by Adidas, which in our opinion are not since they are largely innovations of last year. It is more about improvement and dosage of these technologies on the Adidas Adipower contril 2016 racket. The pala incorporates the following technologies: Smart Holes, Carbon Frame, ExoSqueleton and Protector Tape.

Our opinion

This racket is very surprising. Defenders will particularly appreciate it because it is easy. We can do everything with it. It also adapts to all levels despite the requirement of this racket. Requirement because its potential is high. Javier Concepcion, one of the best players in the world makes the most of this racket and we know his results ...

So yes, it's a pretty soft, defensive racket with maximum control, but it still makes it easy to get the balls out. His attacking potential is interesting even if it is not his weight.

The consequences of 100% Carbon, it is the rigidity of the frame which makes it possible to increase this power and resistance. Protection is integrated into the racket increasing its durability. Exoesqueleton technology improves the output of the ball.

One of the strengths of this racket and more generally of Adidas Padel, it is its design particularly well worked. It is aesthetic and identifiable. It is certain that the Adidas Adipower Carbon Control 2016 will not go unnoticed.


Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.