In this article we will focus on three models from Adidas : Limited Edition Adidas Metalbone, Metalbone CTRL and Metalbone Master LTD. When we know that the Metalbone is the pala used by Ale Galan on the World Padel Tour, we already understand that we are dealing with palas that are not lacking in power!

These rackets have some similarities in their design, but differences that make them unique. We are therefore going to reveal their secrets to you so that you can choose the best possible.


The first common point is the public to which they are addressed. They were made for advanced level players who have a offensive play. Two racquets are diamond shaped and lend themselves well to this type of game: Meltabone and the Master Ltd. Despite its round shape, the Metalbone CTRL is no slouch and is very useful for players with a counter-attacking profile.


These three models are equipped with the same core ofEva Soft Performance. It is a medium density foam allowing great maneuverability and excellent ball control! Rather, it is intended to provide comfort. But thanks to the diamond racket frame, you will be able to attack while having incredible control.

An advantage present on these three rackets: a personalized adjustment of its sound balanced. The more he is in the lead, the more power you will have, but less control, and vice versa. On these three models, you will therefore be able to change this setting as you wish!

The frame of these three rackets is also the same, it is made of carbon fiber. It allows them to be at the same time precise, powerful, and resistant!

The differences

The big difference comes from the type of players they are suited to. Indeed, if you want a Maximum control of all your actions (hence its shape and balance), the Metalbone Ctrl is the right racquet. While the Metalbone and Metalbone Master LTD are racquets (very) oriented towards attack and power. The design of Metalbone Master LTD is itself exclusive as it is a limited edition racket, used by Ale Galan during the WPT Masters!


Ale Galan forehand volley Marbella Master WPT 2021

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