After having tested the Adidas palas, Stephane Penso, the home tester Padel Magazine, is now tackling shoes, with the new Stycon!

Seeking to innovate with a model that looks nothing like what we have already seen, Adidas presents the Stycon, a shoe without laces.

One of the main inspirations for this innovative design was the modern trend of professional tennis players to slide on hard courts and especially clay courts.
With all the aggressive movements these players put through their shoes, the upper material and laces were tearing apart, sometimes even breaking in the middle of a game.

Adidas stycon


The Stycon, a real slipper

The model Stycon was designed to permanently solve this problem. Indeed, its fully closed rod encompasses the medial side to offer superior protection during slips.

Designed for modern players with an aggressive style, this mid-height shoe allows you to glide from strike to strike without worrying about pitting or damaging the laces.

The elastic at the midfoot offers a secure fit that follows the contours of the foot, and above all the slipper shape prevents sand from getting inside the shoe!
Objectively, before putting them on, we ask ourselves a simple question: will they be too wide, or on the contrary too narrow? (without any possibility of adjustment).

Don't worry, sweep away all fear.

Adidas has, in fact, inserted an elastic band in the central part of the foot and an internal support sock which allow to perfectly wrap the curve.
This part is really very elastic and, even if at the beginning it will seem particularly badly adjusted, you will see that with use it will widen according to the needs of your foot to offer you maximum comfort.
The hardest part at first will be putting on and taking off the shoe!

Adidas helps us both with a hook on the upper part of the tongue, and especially with a shoehorn that you will find inside the packaging.
Once worn, as mentioned, you will feel perfectly comfortable, with a shoe that wraps the foot like a sock, without constriction or too high pressure points (as long as your feet are not much wider than average). .)

Stability and cushioning as strengths

Stability and cushioning are definitely the strengths of the Stylcon.
Indeed, the mid-high construction provides exceptional support, while the cushioning is guaranteed by technology Bounce 2.0, present in the midsole. It provides excellent energy return and receptive feedback to the feet.

Technology AdiWear, present on the outside of the shoe, also helps to provide support by absorbing shocks. great stability in lateral movements.
In addition, it has a herringbone sculpture typical of clay models. A process that provides grip, resistance and durability.

Inside the foot, it is equipped with the technology RPU, an anti-abrasion reinforcement designed for those who often drag their feet and risk damaging the toe area.

Finally, at the back of the heel is a reinforced heat-welded mesh which helps to better protect and stabilize the feet, and which continues to keep them in an optimal position.
The weight is 457grams, which is still quite heavy for shoes of padel, where jumps are still more frequent than in tennis.

Compressive upper without laces

These Adidas shoes feature a revolutionary slip-on compression upper and an internal fit system that gives you the confidence you need before you play every point.

It is equipped with a fabric AdiTuff very resistant to abrasion and tearing.
It is basically a protective toe cap which is mainly used to prevent excessive wear.
Material used on the upper of the shoe, in the toe area and / or on the lateral part of the forefoot, it strengthens the upper and protects it from excessive wear, thus increasing its life and also offering a high level of foot protection.

Adidas test Stycon

The heel counter guarantees comfortable support for the back of the foot.
Finally, its flat-seamed slipper construction minimizes the risk of chafing and irritation for a blister-free, friction-free match.

AdiWear outsole

The outsole AdiWear offers the ultimate in wear resistance. This outsole will improve your game by giving you exceptional control and traction.
The rubber is extremely durable, which protects it against the aggressions of the court. Multi-directional grooves will anchor your feet in place as you strike. All this with increased durability.

Adidas Stycon outsole

Bounce midsole

Supreme comfort, cushioning and protection are provided by the midsole Flexible Bounce, made of foam EVA in order to absorb a maximum of vibration to improve the cushioning and the return of energy to “bounce” towards the next ball.
With each step, energy is produced from the impacts on the ground. The energy thus created will be transformed by the reactive material into rebound, giving you additional spring and momentum.

In addition, the side EVA reinforcements provide stability, keeping your foot in place at all times. This midsole in Multilayer EVA is extremely firm in its lower part. This means that all of the shock is instantly absorbed before it can travel back up into the midsole.
Bounce midsole technology is made from high density foam designed to provide a responsive and elastic running experience. In addition, theEVA will always give you the same feeling of softness underfoot.


Stycon adidas Weight

En conclusion

It's pretty obvious that the shoe is fantastic with its amazing features (and a mini price around $ 80).
The cosmetics are sober, using no more than 2 colors. The slip-on shoe is a technological breakthrough for all tennis or tennis players. padel.

The design is excellent and offers impressive durability and stability.

The downsides to these shoes are that they lack breathability and feel a bit bulky on your feet.
If Adidas manages to improve these 2 points, there is no doubt that the series Stylcon will have a bright future ahead of her.


  • The feeling of having the foot well encompassed by a slipper
  • The quality of ankle and foot support
  • Stability
  • The quality and comfort of the cushioning
  • Internal reinforcements at the front of the foot
  • The originality of the concept of slip-on shoes
  • No risk of breaking the laces
  • The choice of colors

The inconvenients

  • Quite difficult to put on
  • Will not suit very wide feet
  • It is preferable to always have a shoehorn in your bag (supplied with the shoes)
  • Unable to adjust the tightness of the shoe to suit
  • Heavier than average


Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!