Terrible news at first APT Open Padel Tour on European soil : the final of the Belgium Open will not take place. Adrien Maigret must forfeit due to an old injury that arose in his semi-final.

We're not going to hide it from you. After the semi-final won by Tison / Maigret against Inzerillo / Moreau, we quickly understood that abnormal things were happening.

The interview conducted by Lorenzo Lecci Lopez at the end of the winners game allowed us to quickly understand that the final was going to be compromised.

Saturday evening, the news falls: the long-awaited written final between the two favorite pairs of the competition will not take place. Rocafort / Oliveira thus won the Belgian Open on the green carpet. 

Around this package, questions may arise, which is why we will try to answer them very simply.

"I am devasted"

Adrien Maigret returned to his deep dismay at this calf injury.

The calf has let go

I have a calf point every time I put my foot on the ground.

When hot it was still going. But I didn't want to show my pain.

The risk was to find myself the target of the opponents. So I had to try to show a conquering image. I made sure it didn't show at all in the semi-final.

The soleus recurs

It is the soleus. It's exactly the same pain I had a month and a half ago. I quit exactly 5 weeks.

I called my physiotherapist this evening (Saturday night) to find out if I could still play despite the injury. He was categorical: if I don't want to see the injury get worse and be ready for the European Championships, I have to forfeit.

The problem with soleus injuries is that they can be recurrent. And obviously my calf problem came back. He was poorly cared for and I have to be extremely careful. No choice: rest.

Adrien maigret reverse apt padel belgium tower

Not playing this final is very complicated

This package, he is constrained and forced by this injury. If we could play it this final, obviously we would go and play it.

The conditions are incredible. How to say no to all that? You would have to be crazy. There are so many people who worked on this exceptional event despite the health crisis. 

There is almost € 4 / player to be won for the winners. I have never experienced this. 

We have a final against players who play very well. Their rhythm pleases me. It's very motivating for me. 

I'm devastated not to play it this final. 

I cannot move. I'm not going to limp on the ground. it wouldn't rhyme with anything. Especially in the face of such a pair. 

skinny ember apt padel tour

Answers to questions

  • A lesion of the soleus, how is it disabling?

This calf injury is relatively common in athletes who run regularly. It occurs if the muscle has not been warmed up enough or if it has been strained too much.

In the case of Adrien Maigret, this injury to the soleus is not new. He had already stopped sports for more than a month to be able to treat her. He had taken over the padel recently.

According to his physiotherapist, he should especially not resume at the risk of worsening the situation. It will probably have to withdraw from the field again for a period of 4 to 5 weeks before it is hopefully operational.

  • How to win a match against Inzerillo / Moreau while Adrien Maigret limped shortly after the match?

This is an injury unfortunately well known to Adrien Maigret in the calf. The muscle was hot and despite the pain awakening, Adrien tried to hide the pain until the end. But after the game, the muscle cooled down. At that moment, Adrien knew that the adventure was most certainly over. He took the direction of the hotel and tried to make the necessary with ice. But the damage was done. And it will certainly take time to get Adrien ready for European deadlines, his main goal in 2021.

  • Will Benjamin Tison be able to participate in the Alicante Open - WPT?

Benjamin Tison will be able to participate in the preprevias of World Padel Tour Alicante, which is therefore the business of its Spanish partner Teodoro Zapata. They will play at 17 p.m. in the second round of pre-qualifying.

It is only a combination of circumstances and indeed this injury allows Benjamin to honor his commitments on the WPT. But nothing was premeditated. Benjamin would have liked to play this final, even if it means ignoring the World Padel Tour from Alicante: “we had come to go to the end ”.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.