On the occasion of the fifth stage of the Cupra Padel Tour, which took place within the private club Les Pyramides, Adrien, present as a “guest star”, explains his legitimacy in joining the French team this year, discusses his potential absence at the World Championships and also looks back on his performances at its beginnings.

The Cupra Padel Tour

I find it great, the event brings together a lot of people and creates a festive atmosphere which really embodies the quality of this sport and what comes closest to the DNA of the sport. padel. It's a whole day, the weather is nice, it's really well organized, people are having a great time. Making a mix between good players and amateurs is the best for padel. 

The big FFT tournaments are also very well organized, but this is different. There, we are on a mix, we are on different types of levels, and I find that it is important to maintain this accessibility.  

A pillar of the French team

I am always proud to be part of this French team and especially proud of the confidence the coach has given me since he selected me for the first time. You should still know that I have been with the French team since 2018. I had been removed from the team for various reasons and Pablo took me back, he gave me his confidence. I started in Dubai when we won the bronze medal and I think that today, I am not a professional player like the others.

There are a lot of new players coming in, young players who are really invested in this sport and who are playing very well too. I'm thinking of Thomas Vanbauce and Maxime Joris who joined the team and who are playing very, very well. Dylan Guichard who has just joined the team also. These are players who play extremely well, who are at my level, or even stronger today. But we also need to have pillars in terms of experience and group life. It’s true that I also excel in these areas. I'm not saying that I was taken only for this reason, but I think that it is also part of the fact that I have experience, that off the field, I can integrate all the players, the creating a good atmosphere too. And then on the pitch, I always responded, whether they liked me or not. 

Adrien Maigret French team

The progress of Maxime and Thomas

Maxime Joris has had very good results very recently and we see his progress with his association with Thomas Vanbauce who is also playing very well. The two before this season – finally before February – did not necessarily have very good results, their association meant that they found each other and this is also where we must realize that the padel, it's a sport that is played by two people. We may be a good player, but if we play with a partner who does not suit us, we are necessarily less good. And there, we see it with Thomas and Maxime who knew how to find each other, and who had results well above what we hoped for in any case. 

The French Championships with Julien Seurin

Julien is my partner this season. I'm doing the French Championships with him. The deal with him is simple: like me, I am not a 100% professional player, as soon as he needs me, I make myself available so that we can go and play the FIPs and the Premier Padel.

I think that even for his own good, if he has the opportunity to play with players who can bring him a little more than me, he really needs to jump at the chance. We went through a few tournaments, but I didn't have any luck because I've had a lot of injuries lately. It started during training with a back problem, after the buttock and after the calf, it was a little compensation. There, I took a break, I told him that I was taking a few weeks off to take care of myself and that I wanted to get back in shape for the European Championship. Otherwise we still play together, we get along really well on and off the pitch. 

Seurin Maigret Bordeaux

He could have joined the French team, he really wasn't far away, I think. Now here it is, the selection, I find it extremely logical. I have a little thought for Jérôme Inzerillo, who in this competition is leaving the team because he has played a little less in recent months. In addition, he did not have the results that followed, but he is a player who deserved to be there for the past he had in the France team. 

Selected as left-wing player

The truth today is that the coach could very well have taken me out of the team to take maybe five players on the right, because Thomas Leygue can also play on the left. These are thoughts that I think have arisen. 

I think that in this European Championship there will not be a moment where I will play on the right. Exactly, on the right, we are really very, very strong. This is where there is the most competition. I was selected as a left-wing player, that's what I think. Afterwards, you will have to ask Pablo directly. It's true that you never know, if there is a massacre of players, I think there are a lot of us who could play, even Johan Bergeron, who could very well play on the left too. I can play on the right. Afterwards, we are able to adapt. If I have to play on the right in an important match, I will go and try to do the best I can.

Its physical reliability

I'm doing everything today to try to get back in shape, to be ready for the European Championship. Afterwards, indeed, in a competition, there can always be injuries. Not long ago I played the over 35 world championships, I lasted the whole week and I didn't have any injuries at that time. The level will certainly be much higher, but I have never been injured in these competitions.

The added value of having me in a group is that I think I'm a competitor, and transform myself during really important moments. That is to say, when there is a decisive match, I have no fear of going on the pitch and trying to give my best. I have no fear, no stress at that moment.

On the contrary, we also saw it at Roland-Garros, where I played on the right with Bastien two years ago, and it's not necessarily the side where I excel best. I did what I could, I fought and finally, we managed to win a match in the final draw, which is still strong for French players. I'm quite confident, I'm preparing for the competition and anyway, if I get injured, there are other players who are there, I have no problem being on the bench. If I'm injured or even if during the preparation days, I'm a little less fit than the others, there's no problem. I'm with the team and I make myself available for the team.

Absent at the world championships?

For the World Championships this year, I'm going to have a real problem, which is that I'm going to be a father, my wife is pregnant. The deadline is mid-November, so it's going to be very complicated. We will see at the last moment how things will develop, but there is a good chance that I will give up my place for the World Championships. I love the padel, I am in love with padel, and I have always given everything for it, but this is special. There are things that are a little more important at times. Benjamin Tison and Pablo are aware, they know that I am going to be a dad and are very happy in fact.

Its rapid progression in its early days

This progression was possible at the time, now it is no longer possible at all I think, because there is a lot more competition. And above all, the players are much more involved. At the time when I started competing, everything was falling into place a little bit and we also took advantage of the fact that it was more open, more accessible. Now, to reach the top 100, you first have to win good matches. 

In six months, it's very complicated, or you have to have enormous qualities. There are players, I am thinking of Nicolas Rouanet, who took a short time to reach the top 20. These are players who have abilities that are a little above normal. But today, to be in the top 100, you really have to invest your all into the sport and you have to go to tournaments every week to score as many points as possible.

A better player than in 2016?

The difference is that I have a lot more experience in the sport. I think I'm a better player padel Today. I'm not as good physically as I was then, obviously I'm getting older, I'm gaining a few kilos per year each time, but I think I'm playing much better than in 2016. 

Adrien Meighet Nox

That is to say, I perfected my shots. In attack, I have more variation in my game, I also defend better than at the time, even if I am not yet a great defender with the glass. It's not my greatest quality, but I defend well. Tactically, I play fairer than at that time. On the other hand, in 2016-2017, I made a lot more of a difference thanks to my physical quality.

Julien Maigret: the most beautiful hand on the French circuit

I actually consider it one of the most beautiful hands, that’s obvious. Afterwards, I don't know if it's “the most beautiful hand”, maybe, after all, it's my brother, it's difficult to be objective. In any case, he was seventh French without ever taking a lesson, without ever investing as I was able to do and as we were all able to do in the top 20, and with a very atypical game. 

He has an incredible eye, he has an incredible hand and he is a real competitor. I who always played with him, in the moments when we had to win the point he was always there. And when I was a little less into it, he was still holding the house. He was a very good tennis player and he would have been a very good tennis player. padel if he had invested as much as us. I think he would have even been better than me.

Now he has his life, he was very disappointed in 2018 not to be in the French team. I think that moment touched him a lot because he felt like he deserved it, and he relived a little bit of what he experienced in tennis when he was younger. Afterwards, he had his daughter who was born, and then there were other goals that were created. That doesn't prevent him from having had a great experience in the padel, he was at the gates of the French team. After my separation with Ben, because I had separated to play with Ben at that time, every year, I suggested that he play again and reinvest with me. Unfortunately, Julien is a fairly upright person. When he says something, he does it. But I always pushed for him to play again.

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